Our qualified corporate accountants at Precision specialise in helping those in the Building and Construction Industry in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, NSW.


With years of expertise, we can confidently provide advice on all your business financial needs.


Do you get headaches listening to the technical jargon and reading meaningless and confusing reports?

Do you feel that you can never get a straight answer form your accountant?

Are you frustrated with the feeling of not knowing how your business is actually going?

Well, you might find our Straight-Forward, No-Nonsense style of communication refreshing. As qualified corporate accountants and advisors, of course we can speak the jargon, but we also cut through the bullshit and can tell you what it is you really want to know.


That’s why we are the Building and Construction Industry ‘accountants of choice’.


We know the tools in your trade, let us show you some of the tools in ours. These tools will help you to streamline your processes, eliminate the dreaded paperwork and increase your profits.

With our years of hands-on experience and knowledge, we can provide advice for all your business needs. Knowing the challenges facing businesses, especially those in the Building and Construction Industry, we are perfectly placed to provide the support and action plan you need to get through.

If you feel that Precision are the right business advisors for you and you could see yourself having a beer with us in our boardroom, why not get in touch and arrange a free No-Nonsense chat about what’s next, and how we can help you.

Why use Precision?

We’re geeks that love accounting and helping businesses grow.

Client Testimonials

Hear from some Precision clients and why they love us.

Corporate Culture

At Precision we believe that hard work and loyalty brings success and that success should be rewarded and celebrated.

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