Taxation Accountants for Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

The agents at Precision are qualified tax accountants specialising in tax returns and advice for clients in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. Whether you’re a sole trader, partnership, company or individual, you can trust that your tax return will be done the right way.

We know all too well that preparing tax returns is not everyone’s favourite thing to do. Nobody loves to prepare a tax return! But that’s no problem because at PTAM it is one of our favourite things to do! We can take care of all your tax needs, so you can focus on the things that you do best and not the boring stuff.

When it comes to tax preparation we take a very hands on approach and ensure that by using the latest, innovative tools our industry has to offer, you get to step back while we do the hard work.

Whether you own a manufacturing business in Newcastle, a florist in Sydney, an investment trust in Brisbane or are on deployment with our Defence Forces in the Middle East we believe in making the process as simple as possible for you from our first meeting onwards.

When you work with PTAM to prepare your tax return we make sure that we know the complete picture and then use this to deliver the best result for you, whatever your circumstances.

At PTAM We Tell It Like It Is. So, when it comes to tax preparation, our clients can expect to join in a conversation that will include honest, knowledgeable, and professional advice in a style you will understand. We take the difficult issues and explain them to you in a no-nonsense, straightforward style.

We know how precious your time is to you, so we offer a variety of convenient ways to meet with us to get the job done. Whether that be face to face, over the phone, via email, skype, facetime or an online meeting, it doesn’t matter whether you are in Australia or anywhere in the world, the choice is yours.

At PTAM we believe in embracing technology at every opportunity, so we have developed a process for completing your return with speed, efficiency, and ease. You can have your meeting, send us your information, and sign your tax return all from the comfort of your home, the beach, the car, or your office and all this can be done from your phone.

What Tax Returns can we do?

Individual Tax Returns and tax advice

From your first job through to retirement we have your tax issues covered.

We prepare tax returns for all individuals who are employed in many different industries. With our years of experience, we know what you can claim, what you can’t claim, how to get the most from of your tax return and how to explain those complicated issues.

Sole Trader

Whether this is your first year of self-employment or you have been in business for 20 years we know what you need to do. Sole Traders have some unique opportunities when preparing their tax returns and we know how to take advantage of them.


If it’s a partnership of individuals, a partnership of companies, a partnership of Trusts, or any combination in between, your tax requirements can be taken care of.


Whether you operate a not for profit company that has only 1 Director or a Company with 100 employees, whether you be in the building and construction industry, the hospitality industry, service, or retail industries, PTAM can handle any type of return.

Trust Tax Returns

We have your needs under control if you have Corporate Trustees or Individual Trustees, if you have 1 beneficiary or 100 beneficiaries.

However you have structured your business, we can take care of your tax obligations. If it involves tax and it needs to be prepared, PTAM can do it for you.

For many years we have been helping people just like you with their tax obligations. It is our goal to make sure that whatever your tax needs are, PTAM will provide a solution. So, Join the Conversation… and let us know what tax problem you need us to solve.

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If we haven’t answered all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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