We're WorkflowMax Certified Advisors

At Precision, we are one of those trusted users and we are proud to be WorkflowMax advisors. As a cloud project management software, WorkflowMax contains everything you need to manage your workflow, particularly in the building and construction industry.

5000+ businesses worldwide trust WorkflowMax!

WorkflowMax is awesome, here’s why…

  • WorkflowMax’s cloud project management software contains everything you need to manage your workflow — in one integrated platform.
  • Just like Xero you can access anywhere, anytime – 24/7 access from any internet connection in the world (even via your iPhone or other mobile devices).
  • Track your leads, sales pipeline, and proposals in one place.
  • Create professional quotes and link them to your jobs with this clever project management tool.
  • With time sheets and project planning software, you can instantly see how long a job has taken, and who did it.
  • Use the project management dashboard to see all your jobs in one screen and keep your eye on deadlines.
  • With online project management, you can see job profitability at a glance and figure out if you’re in the black.
  • Use collaboration and project management tools to share notes and emails on a job with your team and clients.
  • Track your orders to each job, so you can add them to your invoice with one easy click.
  • Calculate and brand your invoice however you like, and save time with bulk invoicing.
  • Dig deep into your project management system and discover trends in your business that you can utilize to increase profit.
  • Designed for Architects, Building and Construction, Engineers & Surveyors, Agencies & Creatives, IT & Consulting and Small Business where managing projects are part of life.
Workflow Max

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Say goodbye to paperwork, messy spreadsheets, time-consuming admin tasks, and many other hassles of running a business.

From leads to quotes, to time-tracking, all the way to invoicing – our all-in-one, cloud based job management software will take the pain out of running your business.

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