Why use Precision?

At Precision, we’re onto it.

It is our aim to be our client’s most trusted advisor. We focus on helping our clients reach their goals both personally and professionally, now and over the long term. When our clients have success we consider it our success because we are working towards a common goal.

We don’t consider ourselves to be your typical accounting firm. Sure we “crunch numbers” and are part “geekazoid”, but we believe in engaging with our clients regularly through our customised system of Business Management Solutions (BMS).

Our BMS and Fixed Price Agreement (FPA) packages give our clients a range of fully customised bookkeeping, accounting and management services that will see their business taken into the cloud (not the dark and stormy type, the light and fluffy type with rainbows and unicorns) and with Xero we help it prosper.

At Precision we believe that innovation is crucial for business success and helping our clients implement systems to give them real time control over their business is a core part of our business philosophy.

Every Precision Team Member is a Xero certified advisor and all team members make a commitment to undertake a minimum of 15 hours per year in continuing professional development (in the last 12 months this has averaged in excess of 60 hours per team member). We listen, we tell you what is really going on without sugar coating it and we work with you, not just for you in order to make things happen.

We want to help give you the success and lifestyle you desire.

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