Defence Force Personel

If you’re in the Army, Navy or Air Force, we’re here to provide taxation services and 23AF advice to you – at home and abroad. Whether you are serving in a Special Forces Unit, on an overseas deployment, working on a Section 23AF approved-project, entitled to a Zone Offset or have purchased a gore-tex jacket, we’ve got you covered.

We take great pride in our long-standing working relationship with our Defence Organisation Personnel, and we have nothing but admiration for the service and work they perform for our country.

Those who work in our Defence Forces, whether they be in uniform or civilian, in the Army, Navy or Air Force have a unique job – and because of this, they have a unique tax situation. At Precision, we want our service men and women to have the best there is when it comes to dealing with their tax needs, so they don’t have to.

With over 30 years’ experience in providing tax and financial services to our military, across all ranks in the Army, Navy and Air Force, this means that we understand all aspects of the unique and complicated requirements of taxation for our forces.

Whether you meet with us in The Maxwell Club at Holsworthy, in the lines at Singleton, or on the terrace at HMAS Kuttabul, we understand how your job works, and can show you all you need to know about how it is taxed.

We know how to claim the travel you do for things like courses, sport, compulsory med, and around base and understand why you have bivvy bags, viewee twoee in your kit bags and chest rigs or yowie suits in your cupboard even though most tax agents wouldn’t have heard of these things.

If you have investment properties, managed funds, are running a business on the side or just need to be able to speak with someone who understands the sensitive nature of your work, Precision can help.

We can help navigate through the complexities of overseas deployments because we know what income is exempt and which postings may qualify for a Zone Offset.

Whether you are working on section 23AG approved projects, at sea, out bush or need section 23AF Advice, studying at ADFA, Military College, working through a medical discharge or even at BAE we know what to do. There is even help at hand dealing with the never-ending Department of Veteran’s Affairs forms.

With clients located throughout the country and around the world, we provide convenient options for completing your tax returns. At Precision we believe in embracing technology at every opportunity, so we have developed processes for completing your return with speed, efficiency, and ease.

We understand that not everyone is working in the same time zone and not everyone can leave their base, ship, or training course – so we can help you out via phone, email, or whatever messaging service you need. Wherever you are, if you need it done, we will get it done.

While you are busy doing your job serving our country, let us help you, it’s the least we can do.

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