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Coronavirus (Covid – 19)

Coronavirus (Covid – 19)

In light of the recent developments around the Coronavirus (or COVID-19) and the uncertainty we are all facing day today, we felt it important to assure you that we expect no major interruptions to the services that we provide to you. Our cloud systems mean that you...

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1 day ago
JobKeeper Payment

Everybody keep calm and chill 😜

If your business has been significantly impacted by the Coronavirus you will be able to access a wages subsidy to continue paying your employees. Under the ... See more

Job Keeper Payment - Confirmation

5 days ago
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Team Precision are still open for business, although all appointments are now held via phone, Zoom, Skype or Facetime.

We have invested heavily in the latest technology over the past few years. In ... See more

1 week ago
Security online more important now than ever - Precision Taxation Accounting & Management

The transition to online has been expanding over some years.

Some recommended security steps you can consider include:

· Use multi-factor authentication where possible (using SMS codes as your ... See more

Security online is more important now than ever.This is true for anyone that interacts with anyone or anything online whether as a business or personally.

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