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ATO actions on trusts

ATO actions on trusts

The ATO says that it recognises that most trusts are used appropriately and for legitimate purposes. It says it will continue to help those who make genuine mistakes or are uncertain about how the law applies to their circumstances. But even so, the ATO has a number...

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Taxing Australia – 2019 Election

Taxing Australia – 2019 Election

There is only a short time before the Federal Election on 18 May 2019, and there’s a lot of wild speculation and “fake news” in the media. We’re not trying to recommend whom you should vote for, but instead, we believe that it is vital that our clients understand how...

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Taxation statistics 2016-2017

Taxation statistics 2016-2017

Who doesn't love a good statistic? It's even better when they are taxation statistics. Each year the Australian Tax Office publishes an annual report on taxation statistics that provide valuable information about the financial state of our country. The recent...

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4 days ago
Court set to test employment records obligations

Previously existing loopholes which enabled employers to avoid penalties for underpayment are now closed. Businesses that don’t meet record-keeping or payslip obligations without reasonable excuse ... See more

A landmark court case to be heard later this year will test a key assumption about employment records that could be used to convict businesses of wage underpayment, a law firm has said.

6 days ago
Bikini business fined $30k over refunds policy

Businesses have a responsibility to brush up on their obligations. Agencies such as Consumer Protection, the Small Business Development Corporation and the ACCC offer a range of readily available ... See more

A bikini retailer is considering launching an appeal after it was slapped with penalties worth over $30,000 by a court, which ruled it had breached Australian Consumer Law in regard to its refunds ... See more

1 week ago
FWO reveals compliance targets for FY20

The industries of priority for the Fair Work Ombudsman are fast food operators, restaurants and cafes; horticulture operators and those on the “harvest trail”; and franchisors.

If you are an ... See more

The Fair Work Ombudsman has revealed where it plans to prioritise its compliance efforts next financial year, with certain sectors and issues singled out for greater scrutiny.

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