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Preparing for the end of JobKeeper

Preparing for the end of JobKeeper

When the government announced the $70-billion JobKeeper program to support businesses and their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, many small- and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organisations heavily relied on this scheme to stay afloat.   According to a...

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1 day ago
Treasury passes the buck on cash flow boost anomaly

Treasury deputy secretary Jenny Wilkinson told a Senate inquiry that the department did not explore the cash-flow boost’s restrictive tax notice requirement during the Treasury’s midway review of ... See more

The Treasury has shifted blame for the inaction on the cash-flow boost anomaly to the government despite failing to review the issue off the back of the calls from the peak accounting bodies.

2 days ago
Questions to ask as your small business recovers after COVID-19 - Precision Taxation Accounting & Management

As small business owners look to operations after COVID-19, there are some essential business questions to ask.

It’s not always fun to do this sort of examination, but the answers to these ... See more

Ask yoursefl, what your business is going to do after COVID-19? Here are some key things you should be considering through the recovery.

2 days ago
ATO addresses JobKeeper tiers and what it expects of employers

As announced earlier by the government, from 28 September, JobKeeper will become a two-tiered system, meaning that employees will be divided based on hours worked before either 1 March 2020 or 1 July ... See more

The ATO has commenced approaching employers to determine if the higher or lower JobKeeper rate applies to each of their eligible employees, and has confirmed that the method taken by employers when ... See more

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