Meet Georgia Cooper Griffiths

Casual Support Assistant

What did you spend your childhood doing?

When I was a child, I was inquisitive. I loved to explore outside and discover new things about nature. I found it very interesting that all living things are reliant on one another, even on the smallest of insects, to survive and maintain a healthy ecosystem.


What was your first place of employment?

My first job was with Helping Hand Auction Services. It was my job to help set up auctions at venues and explain to customers how to take part in the bidding and where the proceeds would be going. Some events included the Ronald McDonald Charity Ball, and Newcastle Business Awards.


Do you have any quirky or interesting past times?

I love to read. Books give the reader insight into another person’s emotions and opinions, as well as their different life circumstances. I find this helps me to be more understanding and accepting of the people in my life, allowing me to build stronger relationships. Playing the piano is also something I enjoy. I’ve been playing for seven years, and I’m always learning new and challenging pieces.


Why do you enjoy working at Precision?

I enjoy working at Precision because it allows me to work with a friendly and passionate team who are always ready to listen and try new ideas.


What do you value most in life?

The most important thing for me is maintaining healthy relationships. I find the best way to do this with understanding and compromise, which can only be achieved through hard work and communication.


What do you hope to get out of working at Precision?

I hope that my work at Precision will help me build skills and knowledge that I can use in all aspects of life and that I will form lifelong friendships. 

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