We recently caught up with Daniel Borg of psyborg®, to get some insight into how he runs his company. Daniel has helped PTAM develop our website and works closely with us on our marketing.

What is the main reason you got into the design industry?

I have always loved to draw as a child and kept on doing that into adulthood. I saw design as a pathway to get paid for what I loved doing, so I never felt like I was actually working.

Although I topped art classes and industrial design classes in high school, when I completed my HSC I found it difficult to get into any graphic design or industrial design degrees as you required a high TER, which I did not have.

Hence I saw the next best thing was getting into an ‘Industrial Engineering’ Associate Diploma at Hunter Tafe. Thinking that Industrial Engineering was related to Industrial Design. Anyway, after completing the Associate Diploma I got an opportunity to work with a local large Theiss joint venture Engineering project. I also enrolled in a degree in Mechanical Engineering as I now had the requirements to enter Uni. After 3 years in Mechanical Engineering and working in the engineering game I decided to give it up and change over to Graphic Design and received a High Distinction average with Honours.

After working professionally in the design, internet and advertising industry for 4 years, I combined engineering methodologies with creative design practices to form my company psyborg®, part mind | part machine, where I work with many businesses to solve their communication and business functions through creativity, design and engineering. Many of these projects allow me to draw as part of the creative process.

psyborg® has been successfully operating and growing for just on 10 years where I work with clients on their Online and Offline branding, Website and Social Media needs.

What current challenges are designers facing?

Remaining agile and adaptive. The internet is changing how designers work at a rapid pace. Being able to keep up with current technologies, toolsets and trends is a must to remain successful and offer your clients a valued service.

An agile mindset with an ability to research, make good decisions and adapt is a must to remain competitive.

Where do you see the industry heading?

Branding and differentiation is becoming more important then ever now that clients have the ability to communicate to mass audiences at low costs via social media channels.

Hence authenticity and professionalism in their communications is becoming a valuable engagement tool to gain and retain customers breaking the old advertising model.

How has technology disrupted how you run your business?

Cloud based platforms such as Xero have helped me become more aware and efficient allowing me to be more strategic in my decisions to grow the company.

Google is changing the way websites are built as SEO and Content Marketing practices need to be front of mind when developing a website.

WordPress is changing the way websites are developed due to the various integrations available and efficiency in deploying websites with awesome functionality that would have been at very high costs a few years ago.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are also changing the way brands communicate and moving eyeballs from the traditional television model to a more interactive and engaging experience.

Who are the most important people to have in your business network?

For me it is my clients. They are all from many different fields, professions and walks of life. I find that when I do a good job for my clients they do not hesitate to refer me helping to build my network.

It is also good to have a good relationship with your accountant as they should have their finger on the pulse of your business to aid in advice and decision making moving forward.

What input or assistance do you expect from your accountant/bookkeeper?

More then just traditional accounting, I expect my account to aid and guide in my company’s growth as they have a direct understanding of my company and thus can add value to your company’s day to day business.

What are your thoughts on PTAM?

I have been working with PTAM for over a year now and I have seen how they engage with their clients through mutual respect and a partnership approach which I really admire. This is on top of the necessary compliance and taxation requirements.

I like PTAM’s diligent and friendly approach which they have with their clients. There is a definite sense that they understand accounting but are approachable and able to communicate it to enhance the businesses of there clients.

Where can we find you?

You can learn more about psyborg® and the work I do at;

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