We recently caught up with Joshua Davidson from Contemporary Plumbing Services to discuss his business and the state of the construction industry in Newcastle.

What is the main reason you got into the plumbing industry?

I always had a general interest in the construction industry as I loved working with my hands. I was given an opportunity during high school as a plumber though a TVEC course and really enjoyed it, I was offered an apprenticeship before I got half way through completion and the rest is now history.

What current challenges are plumbers facing?

As a business owner in Newcastle, it’s very competitive as there is a lot of other plumbing businesses around. I strive on being honest and professional with every customer and constantly monitor my pricing with other local plumbing businesses to ensure I am keeping competitive.

Where do you see the industry heading?

Currently, the building industry is very strong in Newcastle which is very positive for everyone involved in and around it. It’s great for our local economy as with more people working in different areas it allows support for other local businesses e.g.- cafes and takeaway shops to help towards some positive business growth.

How has technology disrupted how you run your business?

I personally feel if anything it has helped the running of my business quite a lot as now quoting, accounting and searching for products is as easy as using an app on your phone.

Who are the most important people to have in your business network?

A reliable accountant and reliable/competitive plumbing suppliers.

What input or assistance do you expect from your accountant/bookkeeper?

The proper way on how to run my accounting software to make it easier on myself. The ability to cross check that business is turning positive cash flow.

How has PTAM helped you?

I have received extensive training on how to use Xero accounting. I have been given some very useful information on how to manage taxes and GST payments without having to stress about it when it comes time for BAS and end of financial year tax returns.

What is the most valuable service or piece of advice PTAM have given you?

PTAM has helped me grow my business into what is has become today by giving me the right advice in how to carry out day to day runnings of a business from an accounting point of view.

PTAM has always been one phone call away for any issues that I have ever have come across and have always helped me resolve them without any hesitation.

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