As Carolyn walked through the main doors of Brisbane’s Convention and Exhibition Centre and looked around she was overwhelmed. Not by the size of the building but by the many people that were excited and eager to get into this event.

She says, once I entered the main hall I was amazed by what I saw. It wasn’t just the massive pool filled with balls or the putt putt golf area. There were exhibitors everywhere, eager to talk about their products and what they could do to help your business become more productive.

I must admit it was all a bit daunting……. Who has the better product? Who do you choose? What are other businesses using?

As I pondered these thoughts and looked around, not knowing where to go first, it was time to enter the Main Hall to “Xerocon 2018”.

WOW!! It was nothing like I expected. I was greeted by loud music and a laser light show.

The opening act was AMAZING!! A young local boy “Tom Thumb” was entertaining us all by his awesome talent of making interesting sounds just using his vocals.

After that, the speeches began and I have to admit I was thinking to myself, “How in the hell are you going to keep me interested after that act I just saw?”

But I wasn’t disappointed, over the two days there were many keynote speakers, but the ones that inspired me the most were Gill Hicks – London Bombings Survivor, Mark Manson – Author, Rod Drury – Xero Founder, Trent Innes – Managing Director Xero, Bernard Salt – Managing Director, The Demographics Group.

They really knew how to captivate an audience. It wasn’t just about what they were talking about but the way they were talking about it….with PASSION!!

Not only was Xerocon about inspiring a new generation of accountants and bookkeepers and pioneering a new era of cloud solutions. … I felt it was also a great way to meet people and listen to their stories, where they come from, what they have had to overcome to get where they are and what they want to achieve, not only for their business but for their client’s business as well.

It was a great time for socialising and enjoying life away from your busy work schedule.

My first “Xerocon” experience has opened my eyes to lots of different opportunities that are happening in our changing environment, not only for myself and my work colleagues but for our clients as well.

Not only am I walking away with a better knowledge of  Xero, but also a memory of fun times, lots of laughter and some very inspiring quotes:

“Without suffering, there is no meaning. Without meaning, Happiness is empty”

“ You are always choosing. So choose your problems wisely”

Carolyn Bunt


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